At Forward Group we have developed a portfolio of services that are specific to organisations managing the built environment.

  • Facilities Management - analysing, defining and procuring support services for all non core requirements
  • Workplace process mapping - defining processes, shaping and managing organisational change in order to maximise efficiency and effectiveness
  • Change management - ensuring a smooth transition and buy-in to a corporate vision to maximise results and minimise risk
  • Project management - guaranteeing adherence to the programme and attainment of goals and objectives
  • Move co-ordination and churn - minimising operational downtime and disruption whilst safeguarding cultural networks within an organisation
  • Portfolio management - planning and adhering to long-term strategies in order to inform current and future decisions
  • Procurement strategies - developing processes and protocols around agreed standards of quality, value and reliability
  • Design and fit-out services - combining all of our experience and expertise into an affordable, attainable and sustainable environment